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Welcome to Bianca's Kids!

Established in 2010, Bianca's Kids is a 501(c)3 approved nonprofit organization focused on granting wishes to foster & needy children/families in New Jersey & around the United States.  What makes our organization unique is the fact that everyone that works for Bianca's Kids, from its President to our volunteers, does so on a volunteer basis. No portion of any dollar donated to Bianca's goes to pay anyone, but instead to its intended target, needy children.  Unlike other organizations, the supporters of Bianca's Kids watch their donation dollars at work via the foundations Facebook page & website.  Supporters are taken through wish grantings via pictures and video. It is this transparency that has gained the foundation such exponential growth. 

The organization was founded by Debbie Savigliano and established in memory of her niece Bianca's Yodice who passed away in August of 2010.  With a passion for children in need, it was Bianca's dream to work with and help needy children.  Bianca's Kids is making Bianca's dream come true.

In October of 2010, Debbie sent a simple text to a few of her closest friends, all of whom were full-time working mothers, with an idea. The idea was to provide Christmas gifts to foster children in Bianca's memory.  In just three short years, those same women are now the Board of Directors of one of the fastest growing nonprofit organizations in New Jersey.  It is through the hard work and dedication of our Board of Directors along with our thousands of supporters that Bianca's Kids has been able to granted wishes and provided gifts to over 10,000 needy children and families. 

From Christmas gifts to celebrity meet & greets, to complete home makeovers and everything in between, Bianca's Kids is dedicated to bringing joy to children who so desperately need and deserve it. Whether a child is in need due to emotional, financial, physical or mental issues; every needy child is considered one of Bianca's Kids.   

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